Sunday, October 03, 2004

What The Election Is REALLY About

Alan Caruba has some interesting things to say about our national sovereignty. And his point is that we know where Bush stands - he believes we are a sovereign nation with the right to defend ourselves, while we cannot be sure where Kerry stands - he has voted and stated opposing things.

Sovereignty turns on the issue of who’s in charge. Is it the American people through their elected representatives and executive branch? Or is it the United Nations through its General Assembly and its Security Council? Is it a Europe divided between nations such as France and Germany who oppose the war? Or is it the Europe supporting our war? That Europe includes Spain, Italy, Poland and others who were the captive nations of the former Soviet Union; nations who now savor their sovereignty, their freedoms. More than thirty nations around the world have become “a coalition of the willing.”

Caruba concludes:

On November 2nd, Americans will once again determine whether the United States of America is a sovereign nation or whether it will go the way of Europe where member nations of the European Union continue to cede their sovereignty to an organization of unelected bureaucrats. Clearly, our membership in the United Nations did not deter us from exercising our sovereign right of self-defense. Freedom comes at a price. If our history provides a template, it is likely this generation of Americans will vote to pay that price.

This is also my take on it.

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