Friday, October 01, 2004

Did Lehrer Save His Softballs for Kerry? Inside Cover Story

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there were no queries to Sen. Kerry about his long Senate record of voting against defense appropriations, or his sponsorship of a bill to cut CIA funding by $6 billion a year after terrorists struck the World Trade Center in 1993, or Kerry's support of the nuclear freeze movement during the height of the Cold War.
Kerry wasn't asked why he teamed up with Jane Fonda to protest the Vietnam War while his band of brothers were still on the battlefield, or why he met with enemy leaders in Paris, or why he accused fellow soldiers of being "monsters" and "war criminals."

Most Americans would consider the answers to those questions extremely relevant to the selection of any U.S. commander in chief during a time of war.

But not Jim Lehrer. Instead, he focused on Iraq with question after question that suggested Bush had blown it.


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Kerry may be smoother, but Bush is a WYSIWIG kind of guy. I have no idea who Kerry is or what he stands for - other than being well groomed with a barber he brings with him, and getting a manicure when the mood strikes him. He has flip-flopped for the entire scope of his campaign. I'm ready for him to get specific, and to stick to his guns on issues - even when people in his own camp disagree with him.

Boortz has some interesting things to say in Nealz Nuze :

Skim down to Nealz Nuze, and select October 1:


Despite a decent performance, you don't think The Soufflé made it all the way through a public debate without a few whoppers, do you? Of course not. There were some big ones...we'll hit the high spots.

Jim Lehrer asked sKerry about the times he has accused the president of lying about Iraq. The Poodle replied that "Well, I've never, ever used the harshest word as you just did." In other words, Kerry says he never directly accused President Bush of lying. Let's go to the tape.

In December 2003, Kerry told a New Hampshire editorial board that Bush had lied about his reasons for going to Iraq. In September of that same year, Kerry did the same thing saying "this administration has lied to us." So if he thinks Bush is lying about Iraq, then he is lying about not accusing the president of being a liar, which he clearly has done. John Kerry has a problem with the truth. He just makes it up as he goes along.

Another example was when The Poodle was talking about Bush protecting the homeland. Kerry said "That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there." The only problem with this?

Yep. guessed it...the New York City subway did not close at all during the convention.

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