Friday, October 01, 2004

Trial Lawyers Picked The Wrong (Food) Fight

Trial Lawyers Picked The Wrong (Food) Fight:

"Trial lawyers generally aren't a picky bunch. They care about two things: making money and laying blame. Their trick is convincing a jury to disregard common sense and blame whomever happens to have the deepest pockets. That's pretty much what we saw last month at the Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) conference, where trial lawyers and food cops plotted new ways to sue restaurants and food producers over obesity. But as we argue in an op-ed in today's Washington Times, the lawyers who see big bucks where the rest of us see breakfast have missed the mark by a wide margin.
The problem isn't breakfast -- nor is it lunch, dinner, or anything in between. Obesity's real smoking gun is America's growing problem of lethargy. "

No, it isn't McDonald's fault that my tummy precedes my bosom! It's my own fault - for choosing the wrong foods, for not exercising enough.

There are lots of other food choices out there - I could even get a salad at McD's - if I wanted to! But I have, all to frequently, **chosen** not to!! It's my OWN choices and my OWN fault!

Time to stop making people the "victim of the day." Past time to tell folk to accept responsibility for their own actions - and the consequences thereof!

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