Thursday, October 21, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: Heinz Kerry in a Pickle

New York Post Online Edition: news: "October 21, 2004 -- Teresa Heinz Kerry touched off a firestorm yesterday and was forced to quickly apologize by saying First Lady Laura Bush has never held 'a real job,' even though she's been a teacher, librarian and full-time mom.
'I don't know that she's ever had a real job I mean, since she's been grown up,' Mrs. Kerry told USA Today in making the case that she'd be a better first lady.
Bush adviser Karen Hughes said Mrs. Kerry revealed 'an unfortunate mindset that seeks to divide women based on whether you work at home or whether you work outside the home. I've done both and so has Laura Bush and both are difficult and both are rewarding.'"

Tereza Heinz Kerry revealed a mindset that obviously is trite and catty. She is sooooo privileged she can just say whatever crosses her mind - with no self-ensorship, no self-restraint, and no self-discipline. I'm not voting for a "first lady," I'm voting for a president, but in that the attitudes expressed by the wife of a candidate and tolerated by the candidate expresses a probable unity of thought, this makes me even more skeptical of sKerry than I already was!

I am just horrified that Ms. sKerry doesn't think being a full-time mother is a "real" job. It is just as much a "real" job as working outside the home is. In fact, being a stay-at-home Mother is even more important in the long run than anything a person does working outside the home! A SAHM is raising the next generation - hopefully to be nicer and better than Ms. sKerry!

Sorry, her remarks reflect on her husband - who is out hunting to prove he's a "real man" - and while I feel sorry for him, I wouldn't consider voting for him.

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