Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kerry's Coalition Quagmire

Greg Lewis brings up a very good series of points regarding Kerry's diplomatic skills:

"Early in the Democratic Primary campaign in 2003, you infamously described America's allies in the war against international terrorism which is currently focused on the country of Iraq but which is also being quietly and clandestinely contested in hundreds of locations around the world as a 'trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted.' You have also insulted Iraqi interim Prime Minister Allawi by presenting the impression that he is a 'puppet' of the Bush administration. Perhaps you will have the arrogance to repeat this charge to the face of a man who has endured a heinous attempt on his life while he was in exile in London and who courageously attempts to mold seemingly intractable opposing forces into a unified nation in Iraq today.

Where do you suppose America's allies' anger comes from in their responses to your utterances? Why do you suppose they choose to align themselves, not with a genuine war hero such as yourself, but with George W. Bush, who, according to you at least, dodged his responsibility during Vietnam? It may be that America's allies know something you don't know, Mr. Kerry. Perhaps they know that, based on your reckless and audacious disrespect of them and the serious lacunae in your vision of the international political scene, you are not the man they want to see elected President of the United States. Perhaps the American electorate knows the same. I, along with the leaders of the American allies, am counting on it."

Kerry says he will bring about a "real" coalition - of whom? France? Germany? both have said they would not join us in Iraq even if Kerry were elected. Having insulted the rest of our allies, just who will Kerry appeal to? Somalia? Sudan? Iran?

Give me a break!

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