Tuesday, October 05, 2004

OpinionJournal - REVIEW & OUTLOOK - Hullabaloo Over Halliburton: The Kerry campaign's Old Democrat tendencies

"Hullabaloo Over Halliburton: The Kerry campaign's Old Democrat tendencies."
Opinion Journal has struck again -

.... All that's needed to refute this smear campaign are the facts: Mr. Cheney's deferred compensation is a standard practice for retiring executives and an entirely legal way of spreading tax liability for previously agreed compensation, so it does not imply any continuing relationship with Halliburton. In order to re-enter public service, Mr. Cheney had to forfeit millions of dollars worth of stock options to avoid any conflict of interest. And he has zero control or even input regarding Halliburton's Defense contracts.

But the attacks have gone on for so long despite no evidence of impropriety that there must be something else going on here. That's what we mean by saying that voters can learn from a campaign's negative attacks: They sometimes betray the accuser's own biases. In this case, it is a prejudice against large corporations and preference for big government.

Don't the liberal realize that the big corporations are where the most jobs are? This is where the most and newest jobs will be created. Yet they continually tear them down. They assume big corporations are corrupt - well, so are small companies - in the same proportion that people in the gneral population are corrupt. That's what regulations are for and about - our tendency to be corrupt.

It's a fallen world, and we have to struggle against corruption, but there is a corruption in looking for corruption, too. That's what I believe I'm seeing among the liberals - corruption in the seeking corruption; repeating a big lie so frequently and so forcefully that susceptible people will believe it.

Neither the Dems nor the Reps have the Truth - that is only found in God. But a little moderation and dispassion is called for - especially in the Silly Season!

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