Monday, February 18, 2008

The Chinese Take Me Out Box Purse

Isn't this just the cutest little evening purse you've ever seen in your life!!!??? It absolutely screams "Take me with you!!"

Genevieve has been playing with origami and folding things and designing things since she was a little. One time I remember she looked at a Chinese take-out box and said something about wouldn't it make a cute little purse. We tried to get the smell of the shrimp out of it, but it didn't work, so we gave up,

Obviously she never forgot about that idea! I would never have believed it back then, but look what came of it!!

There are more views of this at her Etsy Shop, and many other items she currently has. The items seem to change almost daily, so visit often!


SEWphisticate said...

hey! what a great purse!...LOL! thanks, mom. yeah, that shrimp smell was pretty gross...ha ha ha.

Suzanne said...

This would make a lovely little evening bag. Cover it in the same material as your gown, with maybe some beads (sparkly ones or pearls), and trim with gold or silver braid and get creative with the closure button. What a creative daughter you have!

XUE said...

A fantastic creation from a very talented designer! Fei chang mei li - that means "very pretty" in Chinese! -xue

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Xue, for you comment! I'm biased, of course, but I really think Genevieve is an extremely talented designer. It's great to have another designer agree with me! - Elizabeth

Lisa said...

That is beautiful!