Saturday, July 31, 2004

Today I posted this comment to the Incommunion blog:

Seems to me that saintliness involves making those minute-to-minute choices that align our lives with God's Will. The closer someone comes to that, the loser he is to sainthood. When we procrastinate, when we concentrate on our personal "druthers," when we avoid responsibility, we are choosing to not align our lives with God's Will. These are very small things, but they are telling.

God knows that I fail miserably in these minute-to-minute choices - and minute-to-minute I usually don't even recognize my failings! But as I look back on my day or my week, I see where I failed. Despite my intentions to improve, I fail again and again and again at the same, humdrum little choices. The Saint-Next-Door doesn't fail at them.

Lord, have Mercy upon us!

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Well, even as an old, conflicted public health nurse who did work in family planning for a while, I'm totally nonplussed by this:

I Had An Abortion Tee-Shirt

Can you believe it? Lord, have Mercy!

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I was referred to the Ecumenical Insanity Blog through Fr. Hans Jacobse's Blog (boy, I'm getting blogged-down... :-p.) check this out:

Ten Suggestions from the NCC

Goodness, I guess we should just tell those naughty Al Quaeda boys that they should stand in the corner for their misbehavior.

While I don't think war solves most international problems, on the other hand, occasionally it absolutely is necessary. The war on terrorism is just as much of a war as WWII - the stakes are just as high, if not higher. More people were killed at the Twin Towers on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor - and the Twin Towers was filled with civilians, not military. The Pentegon lost more civilian employees than military members. So this is somehow not an action meriting our reasoned response? I don't think so!

Lord, have Mercy!


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