Sunday, July 11, 2004

Bamma's Place is almost ready for the first pages to be uploaded to the server. I'm really looking forward to getting past that point.

Wish the "silly season" had not started so early in the year. I'm sick to death of all the political mud-slinging. The innuendos and outright lies being told by people in all the parties are disgusting. It has gotten worse in the past several years, and I no longer vote "for" someone, rather I vote "against" the opponent. I no longer believe any political figure even tries to be objective and carry out policies that are best for the country. They are all self-serving, bought and paid-for by the various special interest groups. I won't discuss who I'm going to support here, but rest assured I will vote.

Family and friends are great comforts in times of trial. When the ol' curmudgeon had a heart attack in May, so many people rallied around him and supported me, it was so touching. Thank you to all!

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