Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am Tigger!!

I scored 18 Ego, 13 Anxiety, and 18 Agency

And as they went, Tigger told Roo (who wanted to know) all about the things that Tiggers could do.

"Can they fly?" asked Roo.

"Yes," said Tigger, "they're very good flyers, Tiggers are. Strornry good flyers."

"Oo!" said Roo. "Can they fly as well as Owl?"

"Yes," said Tigger. "Only they don't want to."

"Why don't they want to?" well, they just don't like it somehow."

Roo couldn't understand this, because he thought it would be lovely to be able to fly, but Tigger said it was difficult to explain to anybody who wasn't a Tigger himself.

You scored as Tigger!

ABOUT TIGGER: Tigger is the newest addition to the Hundred Acre Wood, and he lives with Kanga and Roo, because Roo's strengthening medicine turned out to be the thing that Tiggers like best. Tigger is bouncy and confident - some of his friends think he is a little TOO bouncy and confident, but attempts to unbounce him tend to be fruitless.

WHAT THIS SAYS ABOUT YOU: You are a positive and confident person. You feel capable of dealing with anything and everything, and funnily enough, you usually ARE. You don't worry about much, and you love to go out and find new adventures.

Your friends and family might sometimes be a little exasperated by your boundless enthusiasm. You don't like to admit your mistakes, and when you find yourself in over you head, you tend to bluff your way out of things. You would be surprised, however, at how happy the people around you would be if you would actually admit to a mistake. It would make you seem more human, somehow.

= = =

I think this one has me nailed!! How, I don't know, but there I am! :)


Suzanne said...

I'm not a bit surprised that you are a "Tigger."

I'm a "Piglet" as I commented on Phillipa's blog. No surprise there, either, I guess.

Elizabeth said...

I'm not surprised that you are a Piglet.

Writing comments is my only way of adding to the blog at them moment. The Blogger Robots have designated me as a "spam" blog, and locked it - locking me out from posting. I've asked for a review, and I'd really like to know which protocol I have violated so I can avoid that in the future.

Being a "Tigger," however, I probably will bounce around and violate one of the stupid automatic "laws," once more.

I bounce and I pounce...