Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ephemerancy - Is That a Word?

I am waiting for a service dog. I've been approved and accepted, and I'm waiting for the dog to be matched and trained and paid for! While I'm waiting, I'm doing all I can to prepare, naturally. I read, I talk, I research.

Naturally, one "knows" that people live longer than dogs do. As I'm a "senior citizen," I've made arrangements for the dog for when I die, assuming I will die before the dog will. But, what if I don't die first???

I follow some blogs by / about service dogs. One of them, SSD Winston, died the first of this month. It was so sad. He had been sick off and on for a while, but seemed to be getting better, when he suddenly became worse and had to be put to sleep. There was time for all of his "family" to get together and say goodbye to him, but still, how hard for all involved! He was the mainstay for his disabled partner, and now she is alone. She is less independent, less able to function, more dependent upon the vagaries of other people who have their own lives to live. She is most perturbed.

Another one, Venney, was in England. He lived to 12, which is old age for a Labrador Retriever. He will be missed by all his friends, but especially by his disabled partner who is devastated.

And I will be lost if I should outlive my service dog. To grow together in a relationship of mutual interdependency that is similar to a marriage, and then to lose the partner who makes your independence possible - that just seems to be terribly, impossibly tragic.

Yet, perhaps this is a metaphor for all of our lives.



D..... said...

First congrats on your first service dog! I know that you are quite excited! Second I think it's great that you are thinking ahead many human partners don't stop to think about such things. Of course one never is prepared for such! I am on my fourth service dog. All the others have crossed the rainbow bridge. One of them passed away due to having seizures. He did live a wonderful short life. The other two gotten quite old and ill to the point I had to help them over that hump was a very sad thing. Actually it was sad when all three passed either way. Wish they could live as long as we can but unfortunately it isn't that way.

But still I will not be without a service animal after due time of grieving! I like what independence that they gave me and learned so much with each of them. I thank God everyday that I had the opportunity to have been with each of my service dogs even though I miss them so.

OnCall 24/7 said...

First congratulations on your first service dog. When is the date if you know?

Second I could relate to loosing my best friend my service dog(s). My first dog crossed rainbow bridge when he was quite young in his sleep (so peaceful) due to health issues. He loved life even if it was short lived. But it hurt me just the same. My other two dogs left when they were much older one at 10 years and the other when she was 17 though needed help to cross over.

No matter that they have all gone before me I still after the grieving period would not be without a service dog so I do not have to depend on other people. They have their own life to live and are so busy. And if I go before my present SD well he is well taken care of by somebody that already has a relationship with him.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them!

I have another blog where I speak more at length about what I'm doing while waiting for my service dog:

I hope you will join me there, too!

Waterrose said...

What a cool personality test! Thank you for stopping by my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Sewphisticate!