Friday, April 20, 2007

Dr Laura's Blog: A Lesson from the Massacre

Dr. Laura said, in part:

As a mother I, of course, thought about how horrendous this whole nightmare is to the families of the victims as well as all the emotional damage to the survivors. From listening to the reports on this heinous occurrence, I heard repeatedly that the shooter had to reload several times and went from classroom to classroom. As a military mom, I immediately wished that our young people had the same obligation and experience that all young folks in Israel have: two years of military training and service. Those reloading and trolling periods were windows of opportunity that only young folks trained militarily would have been able to use to subdue or terminate the perp and save many lives. MORE HERE

As the mother of 3 adult children who all served in the miltary, as the wife of men who served in the miltary (both XH and my FINAL husband :-)), as the daughter of a man who served in the miltary, as the daugher-in-law of men who served in the military, as the granddaughter of a man who served in the military - I can only agree! My XH's grandfather was the first man on Utah beach on D-Day and is mentioned several times in The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan.

With that background, I hope you can understand that I strongly favor military training for all youth. I also believe that an armed populance is the greatest deterrant both to crime and invasion.

And I believe that we have become a country full of WIMPS!

Our country is worth defending, and I'd rather see that defense take place BEFORE we are attacked and invaded.

I'm sure I'll get some nasty comments. but I challenge you to search for the FACTS on gun ownership and universal military participation.


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