Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Culture of Corruption: Dianne Feinstein Edition?

My goodness - where in the world is the main-stream media?? Dianne Feinstein has to resign, apparently under pressure, from an important committee because of monetary conflicts of interest?

According to MetroActive, she resigned quietly (where was the MSM?) from a Military Construction Appropriations committee after a conflict of interest involving her husband, tens of millions of dollars in defense and construction contracts, etc. surfaced in January.

MetroActive speculates that the resignation was due to the impending release of a scathing expose (funded by
The Nation) that threatened to blow the lid off the air-tight kettledrum of ethical problems.
Hmmm - let me see, it'a ok for Feinstein's husband to benefit from military contracts, but it isn't ok for Cheney to benefit from military contracts. Is that right?

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