Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blocked - Locked - Mocked and SHOCKED!

This probably will be the last post you will see here.

Catch the NEW BLOG HERE. I'll be gradually posting the old posts from this site as well as adding new posts.

Blogger decided this was a **spam** blog, and locked me out for 5 days!! I wasn't permitted to contact a *real* person, just automatic responders. No explanation of what it was about my blog that was causing the problem.

To top it off, "they" were not even courteous enough to notify me that my blog was active again. I kept checking it, of course, and **finally,** today, I could get into it. But no notification of why my blog was LOCKED for 5 long days, no notification that it was unlocked, and no APOLOGY for locking it - for no real reason - to begin with.

For those reasons I'm doing this. I'm furious about this! This is NO WAY to treat a client - free or not.

So, "farewell," to this site, and "hello," to the new site! Hope to see you there!

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