Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Friend Needs HELP!!

Dear readers - I won’t do this kind of thing very often.

A friend is in desperate need. At this holiday season, please visit her website and consider ordering some of her Christmas cards. They are Christmas cards not your “generic” “holiday cards.” There is also a beautiful matted print of the for sale.

If you are in the market for cards or gifts, these are wonderful and economical options. Purchasing them will help this struggling young Orthodox Christian woman.

A boxed set of 10 Cards w/ envelopes is $12.50

If you are still shopping for gifts, a matted linoleum block print is, again, an economical and lovely gift. And it will directly assist someone who literally is struggling to survive.

The Virgin and Child Art Print is 4″ x 6″ on fine art printers paper makes a subtle and divine comtemplative statement to any decor. Price: $12.50

The Abstracted Icon

She uses PayPal, so you can use any credit card you wish. If you have a PayPal account, you can use cash from your bank account.

Thank you - the commercial is over, but the need is still there . . .

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