Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ethan Laughing

This website doesn't have an "embed" code, so you'll just have to "go there" to view it! If you like to watch and listen to a baby laughing, you'll love this video! This little guy is having such a good time tearing paper!!



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Meg said...

Reminds me of something our son used to do after he learned to stand in his playpen. One morning my husband was getting ready for work, and opened his briefcase to put some things in, then went into the bedroom to get some more stuff. A little arm reached through the playpen bars and closed the briefcase. My husband came back, frowned in puzzlement, opened the briefcase and put something else in, then wandered off to get something else. Chris shut the briefcase again. This went on for three or four more times before Jim realized what was going on, and when he said to Chris, in a playful tone, "Did you shut my briefcase? Are you playing Bag?" Chris just *cackled!* It became one of their favorite games...