Monday, May 08, 2006


Kind of a sad commentary on our times that the election of a "straight" bishop by an Episcopal diocese is newsworthy isn't it?

Question: why is it OK for Patrick Kennedy to misuse prescription drugs, but it is a criminal act for Rush Limbaugh to have prescription drug problems?

This struck home. Only 2 weeks ago, our oldest was in a wreck involving not just one but two vehicles driven by illegal entrants into our fair country. Neither had a drivers license, neither had insurance. His work van was totaled, he walked out with lots of soft tissue injuries, and they both went to jail. He wasn't cited at all. But who will pay for their cars? I hope the tax payers don't. Son's employer's leasing company is stuck with the bill for his van - and the tools that were destroyed.

Amazing! A Californian (Los Angelino, even) who thinks Hollywood is too liberal! This one made even me pause: Draft Hollywood.

When does an apologist for "traditional" Christianity fall short? Raymond Keating thinks Bill O'Reilly is off center in his assessment of the "Gospel of Judas." Well, I think so, too, and I particularly like Keating's last paragraph: "Either the Gospels are history, or Christianity is a fraud. That's the choice."

Something that is not in the news, but has the potential to make many "waves" in the future is the IV All-Diapora Sobor (meeting, conference, convention) of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia that is going on this week in San Francisco, CA. The main question before the Sobor is whether to end the division between the Orthodox Church in Russia (Moscow Patriarchate) and the Church Abroad which has existed since the First World War. There are theological and sociological considerations in addition to the more obvious political ones. How the end of this division might "look" in the future is unknown - as is whether it will end. The prayers of hundreds of thousands of people are with the delegates to the Sobor, that their decisions will, indeed, reflect the Will of God. May our Lord have Mercy on them and guide them.

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