Sunday, January 22, 2006

T-Rex Cooks

Since I've had so much to do, and have been under the weather so much recently, the T-Rex (AKA the ol' curmudgeon) decided to do the cooking on "non-fasting" days. He became so addicted to the FoodNetwork that I hardly get to see Animal Planet anymore! ;-)

So, it was a Food-Groupie kind of Christmas.

He got:
Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for More Food (he already had the first one)
A large pepper mill for the kitchen - adjustable from cracked peppercorns to powdered pepper

He gave me:
A Kitchen Aid mixer
Two of Rachael Ray's cookbooks

We got:
A new food processor
A citrus press
various other kitchen tools

Since October, he's rearranged the kitchen, re-organized the refrigerator and the freezer, used up most of the food in the freezer, and started getting really different (from our usual fare) foods from the grocery and the local fresh-market (proschiutto, mascarpone, etc). The food he makes is good, I'll say that for him.

But as relieved as I am that I don't have to plan meals and cook, I feel guilty because I'm not planning meals and cooking!

Can't win for losing.

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