Monday, December 26, 2005

TV Chefs

I've been reading some of the blogs on TV Chefs in the last few days, and I'm appalled at the negativity. Certainly there are a few that I'm less enamoured of than others. However, I believe each of them is a professional and has much to contribute. One blogger said that Giada couldn't possibly be a good chef because she is too thin. Then someone else gigs Paula Deen for being chubby. Excuse me! Giada went to Le Cordon Bleu, "did her time" as an assistant in various restaurants, and then worked with Wolfgang Puck - anyone who can work with Wolfgang Puck has to be good - Puck is a real stickler for competence in his assistants. Paula Deen is a great cook who "did it" the hard way - she borrowed money from everyone she knew and started a little restaurant in Savannah - which has multiple great restaurants. I've eaten there, and the other restaurants are in good company with hers!

Rachael Ray is so perky she makes my teeth itch. But, yes, by watching her I've discovered how to cut down on the time it takes me to prepare a meal. She is organized, and has her every movement down to it's most economical. Yes, I can put one of her meals together in 30 minutes or less - IF I am organized and use my movements economically. She not only developed from catering, she worked in her family's restaurants as a kid. She certainly knows what she is doing. Not everyone has to go to Le Cordon Bleu or one of the schools of Culinary Arts here in the US in order to learn to cook well - or to teach it to others.

Emeril may be flashy on Emeril Live, but he knows how to keep people's attention. If you can't follow his recipes on the show, go to the Foodnetwork website and read them! Emeril Live is more of a "showy" kind of show - not a recipe show. Did you know that Emeril turned down a scholarship to the Boston Conservatory to go to the Johnson and Wales University culinary program? And that he has a doctorate from there? He has no secret ingredients. The recipe for his "Essence" is all over the web, not to mention the Foodnetwork website - and you can buy his various seasonings in any major grocery store in the spice aisle. Doc Gibbs may not be your cup of tea, but he is a "master percussionist," and is much sought after by various bands. His little band doesn't have much chance to show off on most shows, but they are a very good jazz band.

I certainly don't "like" all of the chefs on the Foodnetwork, and I don't like all the recipes either. I think there is entirely too much southern Italian cuisine and insufficient other cuisines (French, Japanese, and Russian come to mind).

Ya' know something? If you don't like what's offered on the Foodnetwork, you can always change channels to 24-hour boxing or something equally intellectually stimulating.

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