Monday, January 05, 2004

In my limited way, I've been creating an Orthodox Nativity Calendar. It's turning out to be much more involved than I ever imagined! First, I realised that the Calendar could not be a typical "Advent" calendar. First, most of them are rather trite, no matter how beautiful the background picture might be. Second, I didn't want my grandchildren to think that December 25 ended our celebrations - so I am taking it through Jan 7, the Synaxis of St. John the Baptist and Forerunner. Whew!

So, OK, it won't be "done" for this year. It probably will be an ongoing project, with additions of some sort every year.

So far, I have some saints for each day, along with a few of the Troparia and Kontakia. Next year I want to add an activity for each day, and maybe a craft and a song-page for each day. Eventually there will be a coloring page, a Scripture page, a Story page and a recipe page for each day, too. Whew!

Then I thought, How about a Lenten Calendar, too? So that's on the back burner, but with Lent staring us in the face in the next several weeks, I guess I'd better get it going soon! But since the Menaion is different for each day, I'll just stick to the weekly Triodion. A page for the Annunciation will be needed, of course. Any ideas out there? Contact me HERE and put "Nativity Calendar" or "Lenten Calendar" in the subject!

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