Sunday, December 28, 2003

New to blogging, but thought I'd try.

This will be a project to get organized thoughts into a diary of sorts. If this works, then maybe I'll add a blog to one of the websites.

So where do I stand on various things?
1. Orthodox Christian
2. Female in my 60s, married, have children and grandchildren
3. Politically conservative (but not reactionary) and lean toward being Libertarian, but have some major issues with each of the political parties
4. Like "classical" music, especially Baroque
5. Enjoy websurfing
6. Have health issues I deal with fairly well
7. Well-educated; fairly well-rounded
8. Watch FOX News Network; listen to radio talkshows

OK. That's all for today. Have to think about what I want to post tomorrow or the next day...

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